Christmas Meal!

It’s nearly time for the Edinburgh Fortean Society Christmas meal! Tuesday the 11th of December at 7pm (note earlier than normal start time).

Venue : The Tron, 9 Hunter Square, Edinburgh


Next talk : 13th November 2018

Alison Rutter will be talking on Fortean Finland

Bigfoots in the sauna! Coffins in the floorboards! A look at some of the creatures, legends and folklore of Finland.

Tuesday 13th of November

Upstairs at the Beehive, Grassmarket

7.30pm £1 entry

Next talk : 9th October

The next meeting of the EFS will be on Tuesday the 9th of October at 7.30pm

Peter McCue will be talking on

‘Misreporting the paranormal’

Citing case examples, Peter McCue will discuss the misreporting that’s all too common with regard to supposedly paranormal events. This can arise from factors such as an excessive use of pseudonyms, hoaxing, and inadequate research. Peter will also mention claims that deception and obfuscation are sometimes perpetrated by agencies of the state.

‘Dr Peter McCue is a retired clinical psychologist with a longstanding interest in anomalous phenomena. He’s the author of two books: Zones of Strangeness: An Examination of Paranormal and UFO Hot Spots (AuthorHouse, Bloomington, Indiana, 2012) and Paranormal Encounters on Britain’s Roads: Phantom Figures, UFOs and Missing Time (The History Press, Stroud, 2018). Peter is currently working on a book looking at anomalous experiences in British woodland. He lives in East Dunbartonshire.’

Venue : The Beehive Inn, Grassmarket, Edinburgh.

Tuesday the 9th of October, 7.30 pm, £1 entry.