Next EdFortSoc : Tuesday 9th July

Citizen Science – Fortean Style

A chance to come along and try your hand at a few Fortean feats. Learn what the claims are and how they can be tested and then have a chance to test them for yourself.

Can you beat the odds with dowsing or will you know people are staring at you whilst you work? Do you really need to spend all that time travelling for your holidays or can you simply enjoy foreign parts by remote viewing!

Come along for a bit of fun but help build up a large data set…

7.30 pm, Tuesday the 9th of July

The Attic Comedy Room, The Beehive, Grassmarket

£1 entry

The Edinburgh Fortean Society one-day conference : updated

On Saturday the 13th of July we’re holding a one-day Fortean conference at St. John’s Church at the junction of Princes Street and Lothian Road.

It will run from 1130 to 1800 and then reconvene in a private vault in the Banshee Labyrinth from 1900 on.

Tickets are a very reasonable £12.50 each for the whole day and are available from Gordon or online at WeGotTickets (booking fee applies).

Jan Bondeson : Talking Dogs of Germany

In the early 20th century, the ‘New Animal Psychology’ movement in Germany thought that dogs possessed near-human intelligence, if trained to communicate. Rolf, the most famous of these super-intelligent dogs, tapped out messages on a board, solved complicated mathematical problems, and speculated about philosophy. The Nazi regime was proud of the country’s educated dogs and tried to find ways to make use of them in the war effort.

Richard Freeman : Death By Cryptid

I have hunted cryptids in the four corners of the earth but have never feared them. I’ve been stalked by tigers, attacked by cobras, caught in a tornado and fallen off a cliff but i’ve never felt threatened by the creatures i was pursuing. However there are rare cases were humans have allegedly been killed, sometimes eaten and i one case perhaps something worse by monsters. Giant snakes, aquatic dragons, mystery maulers, monster squid and relic hominins have all had humans on the menu.

Alison Rutter : Unearthing the Earth Hounds

A mysterious creature is said to haunt the graveyards of Banffshire. Is it really possible that an undiscovered animal lives there and does it really dig into coffins and eat the bodies? Alison Rutter investigates.

Innes Smith : Paranormal Investigating: What’s the F****** Point?

Paranormal Investigating is not Parapsychology – and is rarely held to the same high standards of scrutiny and peer review. But it doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be an effort to gather the best evidence in the most scientific manner. Innes Smith, an investigator with the Scottish Society for Psychical Research, talks about the challenges he has faced over the past two decades and when considering the evidence ~ What’s the Fortean point?

Caroline Watt : From Seance to Science: The Work of the Koestler Parapsychology Unit

Join Professor Caroline Watt, holder of the UK’s only Chair for parapsychological research, for a whistlestop tour of the highs and lows of more than three decades of research into paranormal claims. From the Indian Rope Trick, to seemingly prophetic dreams, to controlled laboratory research examining whether people have telepathic ability, discover the challenges and unexpected scientific rewards of investigating the impossible.

Richard Wiseman : Magic, mystery and mayhem

Psychologist Professor Richard Wiseman has dedicated his life to investigating matters paranormal. In this vaguely interesting talk he will reflect on some of his most memorable moments and explore how they have furthered our understanding of the seemingly impossible. Free packet of peanuts for the best question.

Next EdFortSoc Meeting : Tuesday 11th of June

It Happened to Us…

To celebrate our 200th talk an opportunity to tell your own Fortean experiences, or to say what got you into Forteana in the first place. And there may be one or two short talks that people are currently working on for good measure!

Tickets for the event on Saturday the 13th of July will be available for £12.50

The Comedy Attic, The Beehive, Grassmarket

Next EdFortSoc meeting : Tuesday 14th of May

Ann Jones will be talking on
Pembrokeshire, West Wales, 1977. 15 school kids spot a space ship and run to tell Sir. A family flees in blind panic from a fiery rugby football. Housewives and hoteliers are menaced by faceless silver suited fiends. The Broad Haven Triangle. Fact, fantasy or fake news? Come along, hear the evidence and decide for yourselves.
Tuesday 14th of May, 7.30pm in the Attic Comedy Room, The Beehive Inn, Grassmarket
£1 entry
Broad Haven Primary School Children show their drawings of UFOs, February 1977 (credit: Wales Online)

The Edinburgh Fortean Society One-Day Conference!

As part of our ongoing celebrations we are holding a one day conference!

Venue : St John’s Church at the junction of Princes Street and Lothian Road.

When? : Saturday the 13th of July from 1130 to 1800 and then reconvening in a private vault in the Banshee Labyrinth from 1900 on.

The speakers are:-

Jan Bondeson – Talking Dogs of Germany

Richard Freeman – Death by Cryptid

Alison Rutter – Earth Hounds

Innes Smith – Paranormal Investigating – what’s the F****** point!?!? (F is for Fortean)

Caroline Watt – Investigating the Impossible: The work of the Koestler Parapsychology Unit

Richard Wiseman – Explaining the Unexplained: Magic, Mystery and Mayhem

Tickets are £12.50 for the whole day and are available at EdFort or directly from Gordon.

UPDATE : Tickets are now available for purchase online!

Next EdFortSoc Event : Partytime!

On Tuesday the 9th of April 2019 the Edinburgh Fortean Society turns 20! And we’re having a party! There will be cake, a quiz and a charity auction (charity to benefit will be decided on the night, donated items for the auction are welcome!).From 7.30pm in The Comedy Attic in the Beehive, Grassmarket.

♫ Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday to us ♪

Tuesday 12th March, 7.30 pm :
Gordon Rutter will talk on
20 years of the Edinburgh Fortean Society
Founded in April 1999 the Edinburgh Fortean Society is celebrating its 20th birthday this year.  The first birthday event is a look back at 20 years of talks, walks and other events.  Come along and see what we’ve been up to and what we’re planning next.
Upstairs in the Attic Comedy Room in The Beehive Inn, Grassmarket
£1 entry

Next EdFortSoc meeting : Tuesday 12th of February

Adele David will be talking on
The Mandela Effect
Have you ever been convinced that something is a particular way, only to discover you’ve remembered it all wrong? You’re not alone! The “Mandela Effect” was coined in 2013, when countless people across the globe expressed their surprise after Nelson Mandela’s death, believing that he had died in prison in the 1980s. The term has since been used to describe collective misremembering of historical events, popular culture, geographical facts and widely held beliefs. Is the Mandela Effect evidence of parallel universes? Time travel? Or simply flawed memories? Come and find out!

Next EdFort talk : Tuesday 8th January

Scott Lyall : “We want you to believe in us, but not too much: UFOs and Folklore”

Since 1947, when pilot Kenneth Arnold spotted a formation of unidentified objects in the air over Mount Rainier in Washington State, the idea of humanoid aliens coming to Earth in space ships has been a cultural staple in Western societies, but as long as humans have been telling each other stories, there have been tales of “others”- ghosts, fairies, goblins, nature spirits, dwarves – beings that are like us, but not us, that exist somewhere just beyond perception – underground, underwater, in other realms. Are UFOs and their apparent occupants here to study us or are they a modern manifestation of something much older?