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Sharon Hill will be talking on Spooky Geology


Explore the weird earth with a look at geological situations, phenomena, and anomalies that are perceived by many laypersons as having a magical, paranormal, or supernatural basis. Spooky Geology is a website and conceptual framework to examine earth mysteries and energies, alternative geological ideas, haunted locations, anomalies, geomythology, and unusual, sometimes dangerous, natural phenomena. Widely-believed folkloric or superstitious concepts that are still popular today include water witching (dowsing), ley lines, entrances to Hell, crystal healing power, and energy vortices. Alternative fringe beliefs about the earth, such as the Flat Earth “theory” and End Times catastrophes appear in mainstream media gaining new attention and proponents. Rounding out the unsetting natural events are accounts of moving, ringing and exploding rocks, sudden ground collapse, and bizarre specimens. Geologist Sharon Hill peers into the (nearly) bottomless pit of abnormal, supranormal and paranormal ideas about our planet.

The talk goes live at 7.30pm BST on Gordon’s Youtube channel.

Sharon Hill is a licensed geologist in Pennsylvania with a life-long interest in anomalous natural phenomena and paranormal belief. A graduate of the Pennsylvania State University Geosciences program, she also obtained a Masters of Education focused on Science and the Public from the State University of New York at Buffalo and works as a manager for the Department of Environmental Resources of Pennsylvania in the Mining bureau. She is a contributor to Fortean Times magazine, has published journal articles about ghosts in popular culture, and authored the book Scientifical Americans: The Culture of Amateur Paranormal Researchers.

Not a pic of Sharon Hill
Skull Rock, Joshua Tree National Park, CA