Next EdFort : Tues 14th January

Ghost Stories: Confessions of an Ex-Guide
A Talk to the Edinburgh Fortean Society by Lizzie Cory-Lopez
Whether or not people believe in ghosts, the supernatural or even an after-life, ghost stories are supremely popular. Over the last 30 years they have become big business in Edinburgh, fuelled by many a ghost-hunting television show. Edinburgh is a relatively ancient city by modern standards, wearing the several versions of multi-faceted history broadly painted on its capacious sleeves. Certainly, in the early days of the ghost-story trade, before the commercialism and hype, the tall, narrow shapes in the Old Town provided a suitable background and atmosphere.
The real question is: why?
In the modern era of science and rationality, why do humans still need to have the experience? Is it to do with our complex chemistry initiating the thrill of being frightened? Is it about feeling brave? Do we need to have a mystery to top-up our belief muscles? Or do we need the supernatural to exist?
Let us explore the fear…..let me tell you a story…………………
7.30pm, Tuesday 14th of January 2020
The Comedy Room
The Beehive, Grassmarket