Next EdFort : Tuesday the 8th of October

Jan Bondeson will be talking on
In 1838, the Queen Victoria was a very frightened young woman. She was relentlessly pursued by Edward ‘the Boy’ Jones, a weird teenager who entered Buckingham Palace to stalk her. The Boy Jones broke into her bedroom and stole her underwear, and was once found hiding underneath a sofa in her dressing-room. He stole food in the kitchen, visited the royal library, and sat on the throne. Even when he was caught, there was no legal way of disposing of him, since simple trespass was not technically a crime; he could only be put in prison for a few months as a rogue and vagabond, before being released to continue pursuing his beloved queen. But government agents were plotting to get rid of Queen Victoria’s Stalker, for good …
Tuesday the 8th of October, 7.30pm
The Attic Comedy Room
The Beehive, Grassmarket